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Departmental Seminars take place every week in the Ann Anderson Lecture Theatre, Level 3, The Women's Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital. Here are some examples of past seminars given by academics from the department as well as from other institutions:  

  • “Pre-eclampsia – a haematologists perspective" 
  • “Nanomaterials: a potential delivery tool for reproductive medicine?"
  • "A global perspective on adverse pregnancy outcomes associated with maternal HIV infection" 
  • "Regulation of early follicle development in the ovary by TGF-beta signalling”
  •  "Explaining Fermi’s little conundrum: hormesis, the intelligence paradox and why ET might be fat.”
  • "Molecular and Pharmacological Regulation of Cellular Mitophagy”
  • "The effect of oocyte glycoproteins in female fertility”

  • "Childhood cancer: context, controversies, challenges, causes, consequences.” 
  • “Hormonal influences on the pain experience”