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Ahmed Ahmed

Professor of Gynaecological Oncology

Moira Allison

Research Nurse, The George Institute UK

Louise Angelou

Head of Development

Judith Asselin

Deputy Laboratory Manager

Kelly Barrett

Research Midwife

Christian M. Becker

Associate Professor, Co-Director Endometriosis CaRe Centre

James Bland

Data Manager

Katie Blissett

Research Midwifery Support Worker

Lydia Brook

Research Midwife

Lisa Buck

Research Midwife

Dexter Canoy

Clinical Epidemiologist

Angelika Capp

Research Midwife

Janet Carver

Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer

Christina Chan

Research Assistant

Leila Cheikh Ismail

Director of Field Studies (OMPHI), Project Leader (INTERGROWTH-21st)

Premjith Cheruvath

Oxford-India Health Research Facilitator, The George Institute UK

Ali Chevassut

Research Midwife

Tim Child

Associate Professor

Gavin Collett

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Sally Collins

Associate Professor

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Eisa Aleisaei

DPhil Student

Abdulkhaliq Alsaadi

DPhil student

Dhruti Babariya

DPhil Student

Moses Batwala

MSc by Research Student

Cecilia S K Cheuk


Nathalie Conrad

DPhil Student

Sheiry Dhillon

DPhil Student

Eszter Dombi

DPhil Student

Zeynep Gunes

DPhil Student

Anisha Gururaj

MSc by Research Student

Fiona Hartley

DPhil Student

Neva Kandzija

DPhil Student

Mohammad KaramiNejadRanjbar

DPhil student

Nada Kubikova

DPhil student

Lien Davidson

DPhil Student

Belinda Lo

DPhil Student

Vuyane Mhlomi

DPhil Student

Corah Ohadike

MSc by Research Student

Chrystelle Opope Oyaka Wedi

DPhil student

Eleni Papadopoulou

MSc by research student

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Naseem Akhtar

PA to Kazem Rahimi

Susie Barber

Communications Manager

Lesley Cockrem

Office Supervisor

Laura Goude

HR Manager

Danielle Hoare

Apprentice Administrative Assistant

Tom Ibbotson

Finance Manager

Simon Lewington

Finance Officer

James Matejtschuk

Teaching Course Administrator

Nicola Muizelaar

PA to Professor Terry Dwyer, The George Institute for Global Health

Laura Rose

Course Administrator

Lorraine Stayt

PA to Professor Stephen Kennedy and Professor Krina Zondervan

Delphine Vaneecke

HR & Graduate Studies Assistant

Lucy Walker

Research Grants and Contracts Manager