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Dexter Canoy

Dexter Canoy

BSc (Hons) MPhil (Cantab) MD PhD (Cantab)

Clinical Epidemiologist

Dexter Canoy is an epidemiologist at The George Institute for Global Health (UK) at the University of Oxford. He has research interests in the aetiology of vascular disease and determinants of major causes of morbidity and mortality in the population. He has conducted epidemiological research in large-scale (big data) settings, and continues to pursue research into obesity, healthy ageing, chronic disease determinants, and life course epidemiology. He has also been investigating determinants of women's health, including the role of reproductive factors, in the development of cardiovascular disease.

As part of the Healthcare Innovation and Evaluation team at the institute, he is involved in the third cycle of the Blood Pressure Treatment Triallists' Collaboration to evaluate effects of blood pressure-lowering agents on less common disease outcomes. He is involved in Deep Medicine project where he collaborates with machine learning scientists using large-scale linked primary care health records (e.g. Clinical Practice Research Database) and population-based cohort data (e.g. UK Biobank Study) to provide evidence on healthcare use and adverse health outcomes.

Dexter has trained in clinical medicine at the University of the PhilippinesPhilippine General Hospital and obtained his PhD in Epidemiology at University of Cambridge. He has previously conducted research in the EPIC-Norfolk cohort study (body fat distribution and cardiovascular disease risk), the Northern Finland Birth Cohort Study (early life factors of adult cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory health), and the Million Women Study (determinants of women's vascular health).

He serves as an Associate Editor of the Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Prevention section of Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine.



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