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Gavin Collett

Gavin Collett

BSc (Hons) PhD

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

  • Departmental Biological Safety Officer

I graduated from Nottingham University with a BSc in Biochemistry & Biological Chemistry then obtained a PhD in Biochemistry from Glasgow University. Following postdoctoral positions at Newcastle University and Queen's University Belfast I joined NDOG in December 2006. My current research is focussed on elucidating the molecular mechanisms controlling the release of extracellular vesicles from the syncytiotrophoblast in response to stress, characterising their composition and determining their effects on target cells. The ultimate aim of this work is to increase our understanding of the physiological and pathological function of placental extracellular vesicles, including their potential role in pre-eclampsia. Other research interests include molecular mechanisms of trophoblast cell fusion and the role of the actin-severing protein cofilin-1 in trophoblast biology.

In addition to my research role, I am the Departmental Biological Safety Officer. In this role I carry out inductions of new lab staff and students, provide guidance and advice to scientists handling biological samples, and chair the departmental Genetic Modification Safety Committee.

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