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Melissa Shorten

Melissa Shorten


INTERGROWTH-21st Project Secretary

I have worked for the University for 11 years and was previously based at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics and then the Development Office, before joining INTERGROWTH-21st in July 2008.  

As Project Secretary, I am responsible for assisting Professor Jose Villar, Dr Leila Cheikh Ismail, Dr Ann Lambert, as well as providing support for the team when it’s needed. 

I organise and coordinate meetings with our PIs based in our study centres around the world, as well as arranging travel and accommodation for key team members.  I am involved in assisting with the dissemination of the project, including keeping a record of all press related to INTERGROWTH-21st and INTERBIO-21st, helping develop the new INTERGROWTH-21st website, and assisting in producing a short documentary on the project.

I am also responsible for updating information on both INTERGROWTH-21st and INTERBIO-21st websites.



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