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Chrystelle Opope Oyaka Wedi

Chrystelle Opope Oyaka Wedi


DPhil student

  • Medical doctor, Department of health, South Africa. Honorary researcher (Developmental Pathway for Health Research Unit (DPHRU) The Witwatersrand University, South Africa).

I am a South African medical doctor and Rhode scholar, currently in my 3rd year of DPhil studies. I am under the supervision of Professor Stephen Kennedy and Dr. Joris Hemelaar. 

My DPhil project is nested within the INTERBIO-21st study and aims to investigate the clinical, immunological and epidemiological factors associated with adverse pregnancy outcome in HIV-positive and negative women in South Africa. My research outcomes of interest include; preterm birth, small for gestational age, low birth weight and intrauterine growth restriction.  As part of this project we have initiated 2 prospective cohort studies in Soweto, South Africa and I am conducting systematic reviews assessing the influence of antenatal HIV-infection and antiretroviral treatment on pregnancy outcome. I have also recently completed a MSc (medical immunology), focusing on the use of cancer patients' immune profile as a prognostic marker and predictor of treatment outcome.

I am extremely passionate about maternal and child health on the African continent, and through clinical research, hope to play a role in the improvement of healthcare quality and accessibility for women and children on the African continent. 

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