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Tom Ibbotson

Tom Ibbotson

Finance Manager

I supervise the day to day finance processes, reception duties and other general administrative support, which includes liaising with the Medical Sciences Division IT, Estates, and the Finance Division. I also assist the Head of Administration & Finance (HAF)* with other aspects of the department’s operations as required and deputise in their absence. I work closely with the department's Research Grants & Contracts Manager, Lucy Walker.

My role is part of the departmental Administration Team that helps to facilitate the smooth running of the department. We are based on Level 3 of the Women's Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

* The post of Head of Administration & Finance is currently vacant. In the interim period I am working with my colleagues Laura Goude, HR Manager and Lucy Walker, Research Grants & Contracts Manager, to lead the Administration Team together and to deal with matters arising in our respective areas of responsibility.

If you would need to contact the Head of Administration & Finance (or Departmental Administrator) and do not know which of us to contact, then please email all three of us;


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